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We’ve helped hundreds of clients create their ideal workspace. Our recipe for success is simple: equal parts quality products, experience and dedication to wowing our customers. Here’s a small sample of some of our work from one of our recent projects – we replaced the office furniture on two floors for a major financial services client. In the process, we added 20% more seating capacity and created breakout and collaboration spaces to better suit the work style of the client. 

Drag the sliders below to see the difference between the workspaces. 

Frosted glass partitions help to create a modern aesthetic.
Monitor arms create clear work surfaces, improving organization.

Lower partitions create better sightlines and a collaborative work environment.


New workstations route cabling discreetly and give employees more personal storage space.

Natural light is now abundant thanks to the open-concept Allsteel workstations.

A padded low credenza creates a space for a quick chat while low lateral filing cabinet improves storage.

With improved storage options, important documents are kept out of sight fostering a clean and modern workspace.

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