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Interactive Whiteboards for Business and Education

When you need to work together – don’t let distance come between you. 

Ricoh’s high-quality Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) encourage innovative collaboration anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. You can use IWBs to enable ideas to be shared right away and reduce work to produce meeting minutes, helping to maximize team performance.


Collaborate, share, edit and annotate in real-time, wherever you are:

Smart Hybrid Meetings

Collaborate from virtually anywhere with high resolution screens and interactive features.


Get the most from your meetings with easy connection with multiple devices and real time annotation.


Run timed exercises, use the spotlight feature to focus attention, conduct live polling or record sessions with audio for those who can't attend live.


Create dynamic learning environments with interactive whiteboarding and image-sharing capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits

Improve Productivity

The RICOH A Series helps you to reduce the number of tasks and work time by easy and quick whiteboard application and attractive options such as the RICOH Smooth Collaboration Service.

Empower Collaboration

Hybrid work demands modern tools. Rich features like screen sharing images and annotations with remote locations lets team members collaborate as if they are in the same room. 

Flexible Platform

Ricoh’s open architecture offers the ability to expand your IWB functionality to match your unique needs. We’ll work with you to find the perfect configuration for your environment. 

Why Ricoh for Interactive Whiteboards?

Embedded with Android OS, you can use all your favourite apps. Many apps are preloaded and ready for use to save you time, such as the whiteboard and wireless presentation apps.

It’s easy to sync your device to the screen, simply choose how you connect – HDMI, USB or USB Type-C.

Using two screens is a standard most expect in work and presentations. Run two different apps or images side by side with the interactive whiteboard and get more from your meetings.

A picture can speak a thousand words – so add an image to your whiteboard with the picture-in-picture function. This could be data, charts or stock shots that help get your point across.

Ricoh A Series interactive whiteboards are available in 3 distinct sizes ranging from 65″ to 86″.  


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