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Intimus Document Shredder

Maintain Data Security With A Document Shredder

Document shredders are a great way to protect sensitive print information. Governments and businesses alike are now held to strict data protection regulations, which could lead to significant fines in the case of a data breach. Investing in a document shredder could be one of the most effective steps toward preventing a data breach of your printed records.

Choose Reliable Shredding Solutions From Kirk Office

Our line of document shredders provide the highest level of secure shredding for almost every need.

Trusted Brands

We’ve partnered with the best in the business. Get reliable shredding that meets strict security standards and won’t let you down.  

On-Island Service Centre

Your office can’t stop when equipment goes down. Get quick support from our factory trained technicians and a dedicated dispatch line.  

Full Warranty

Have confidence in buying from an authorized reseller and get peace of mind with a full warranty for your document shredder.

Document Shredder Feature: Intimus

As an authorized Intimus partner, Kirk Office provides a full line of document shredders designed specifically to address your needs quickly, reliably and securely. Intimus shredders range from simple paper shredders for small offices to data destruction solutions capable of shredding credit cards, DVD’s and other media. Whether you need a strip-cut shredder, cross-cut shredder or a micro-cut shredder, you can count on Intimus to deliver.

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GDPR Regulations

High Security Document Shredding

For documents containing personally identifiable information or organisations subject to standards under GDPR, DPL or HIPAA, we offer shredding options to address your needs. We’re partnered with manufacturers that provide shredding solutions to the world’s top global security agencies and governmental organizations. Plus, our team of document solutions experts will work to ensure you meet compliance standards, no matter how stringent. 

Partner with us to protect your sensitive information and get compliant.

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